About Live Free

Live Free is a non-profit that was born out of a desire to help people who suffer with addiction to drugs and alcohol. As an agency we quickly found that these issues are not the only difficulties people are trying to change. The Live Free - Peer Support is an open meeting that deals with depression, anxiety, toxic relationships, perfectionism etc. While the Live Free - Recovery meetings are closed, separate and anonymous. Both these meetings, “Live Free Peer Support” and “Live Free - Recovery” are just one part of our agency that is being developed to provide people with a safe place to do the work it takes to increase their overall happiness and life satisfaction. To learn more about the other services we offer check out our Services page.


Support wellness in our community and eliminate addiction to drugs and alcohol


Create a community that champions living free from substance abuse and other adversities.


Holistic Approach
People First

Major Partners

Live Free is in and of this community - we want to celebrate the other organizations that make our programs possible.

Meet Our LiveFree Leaders

Susan Stone,
Executive Director

Elora Prichard

Kyle Prichard